One size does not fit all – is our philosophy here at St. Maarten Sails & Canvas NV. Tops,  Dodgers, Spray Hoods, Camper Enclosures, and  Covers are all examples of our marine canvas expertise available in  designing, alterations and repair.


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We offer various types of tops depending on the type of boat you own and your specific needs.


Convertible Tops are generally a two or three bow frame with the cover attached to the windshield covering the driver and passenger seats. Aft curtains and side curtains can be added, as can a camper back enclosure


Bimini Tops offer protection from the sun when installed as a stand alone top.  These tops can be installed on nearly any type of boat from flybridge yachts and center consoles to sailboats. A bimini can also be built with a camper back and removable curtains. This type of enclosure offers protection from the elements during foul weather.


Fishing Tops are in essence, a tall version of a convertible top designed for standing room on smaller runabouts used for fishing in inclement weather.  Clear vinyl is used in the forward section of the top for visibility and often includes a roll up section in the middle.



Every sailor can benefit from having a dodger.  Dodgers are used to block the sea from entering through the companionway when sailing.  Dodgers also allow you to leave your companionway open while at the dock on rainy days.  There are many options when it comes to dodgers. Spray Hoods are made to protect the bow area of smaller fishing type boats.


Sailboat dodgers are valuable to the sailor.  They protect the helmsman when at sea and allow protection from the elements for the open companionway. There are different types of Sailboat Dodgers available. Most common are –


Traditional Dodgers are an old design that has sufficed for many years. They are generally a two bow frame and a one piece canvas cover. They were designed to fold forward out of the way when not in use. Unfortunately this puts folds and wrinkles in the clear vinyl windows and renders them unusable to see through.


California Dodgers are a more recent design dodger. With its rigid two piece frame, roll up front window and removable sides, it is a much more versatile product.  The removable side curtains and roll up front curtain offers the advantage of more airflow through the cockpit and cabin on warm days while still providing shade over the companionway.  When curtains are in place, it allows for protection from the rain and spray, same as the traditional dodger design.  Also the removable and "roll up" clear window material isn't damaged from folding.


Spray Hoods are principally a traditional dodger mounted to the front of an open boat such as a center console to protect passengers and cargo from water spraying up over the bow.


There are different options for Dodgers available.


Foldable Frames can be built so that it folds down forward to keep in from getting in the way.  This can be a handy option for racing sailors. As with any advantage there are disadvantages as discussed in the traditional dodger section.


 The possibilities are as endless as are the compromises. For more information and an estimate contact us for an appointment.



Camper Backs for a considerably more comfortable boating experience, many enjoy and benefits from having a camper enclosure.  The camper enclosure allows more room in the cockpit area for those days when the elements are aggressive.  You can keep the sun off your face and the rain outside, while adding extra "room" to your boat.  These tops are easily folded down in order to provide more space for you and your passengers.  There are many options available with Camper Enclosures. A camper enclosure is typically extended aft from a convertible or bimini as it can also be attached to a hard top. With its sides and aft curtains it creates an enclosure for the aft deck of your boat.


Campers can be designed for a multitude of needs from fishing to entertaining, with options ranging from simple open shade tops to full screen enclosures.


Fly Bridge Enclosures can be installed into a track on a hard top or zipped to a bimini top to protect the helmsman and passengers from the weather. The enclosure can be produced with zip open windows called U-zips or smiles so they can be opened up without removal of the entire curtain. As with many of our products they can be constructed with many options.



Covers are available for a multitude of  purposes.  Whether you need to cover your boat when you leave it at the marina or for travel. We can build a cover that suits your needs.  Examples of some of our covers include mooring covers, travel covers, cockpit covers, including small covers used to protect smaller items such as winches, instruments, outboard engines and more.


Mooring or Cockpit Covers are designed to protect the cockpit of a boat when left at the dock. Attention is given to removal and replacement of the covers from one side of the boat.


Storage Covers are designed with the intentions of protecting the entire boat while stored. Regularly the cover extends over the sides of the boat to protect them as well as the deck and interior.


Travel Covers are similar to storage covers except they were designed to withstand the rigors of traveling. More chafe patches and securing straps are used and a heavier weight of fabric is advised.


We also provide numerous other covers using marine canvas. Anything from Sail Covers, Boom Tents, Winch covers, Engine covers, Anchor covers, and Dinghy covers.


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