The majority of current production catamarans are built with trampolines as a foredeck. With a day sailor, most of its sailing life is spent with one or two people sitting on the tramp. They roll around on it and seldom stand or jump on it with bare feet. On the contrary, on a cruising cat, trampolines have constant use by people standing up and walking on them. You have many more people, often of great individual weight, giving it higher point loading over considerably greater spans. Jumping on it for fun is not restricted to children. Unfortunately when not being used, your trampoline stays exposed to the elements. Lying horizontal in the blazing sun and exposed to various other elements. As a rule of thumb, a trampoline should be strong enough to support twice the weight of the entire crew. Particularly in the Caribbean, boats stored in the tropics deteriorate at an alarming rate from the sun.


The most important are the materials and methods of construction. From our experience we strongly urge that any trampoline that relies on stitching alone for its integrity is not going to give you satisfactory service. If you are dragging anchors, anchor chains or a dinghy across your trampoline, it must be made of a material rugged enough to handle it. St Maarten Sails & Canvas understand these concerns first hand and as a result can provide the solution. All of our trampolines are custom made to fit perfectly.


We provide safe, durable, reliable and long lasting trampolines. For information, please contact us.



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